Cost and services for purchase and sale of French Property

Our overall costs for a purchase or sale of a French property

1. Our fees are based on the time spent at Mrs Trousset’s hourly charging rate of £420 plus VAT 20%. 

2. For each purchase or sale we will provide at the outset a fee estimate with a breakdown of the

work involved. This will be based on the information available at the time, which may be revised

should circumstances or requirements change. Our normal fees range from £4,200 to £8,400

plus VAT of 20%.

3. The fees involved and time spent may vary from matter to matter due to the type of property

concerned, survey results, local planning issues, drainage and rights of way, as well as more

general French tax implications and estate planning.

4. We may also incur disbursements on behalf of our clients in relation to a purchase or a sale.

Disbursements are added to our overall fees above and are costs payable to another

organization, which are incurred by Trousset Fawcett Ltd.   Examples, might be the costs of a

legal translator. If we consider that a disbursement is necessary, we will notify our client

beforehand and seek their prior consent to incur the estimated costs concerned. Alternatively,

we may advise our clients to deal directly with third parties, such as surveyors.

Stages and timescales involved in a typical purchase or sale of French property

5. We usually receive a preliminary contract regarding a sale or purchase two to three weeks after

we are provided with initial instructions. We review the French preliminary contract including

the various searches and surveys, making sure that our clients’ interests are recorded correctly

and that they are fully of aware of their rights and obligations. 

6. Before the preliminary contract is concluded, we advise our clients regarding different forms of

ownership under French law and where appropriate consider the French tax consequences upon

a sale or purchase of a French property. At this stage, we may also advise regarding estate

planning and the application of forced heirship provisions under French law.

7. Once the preliminary contract is concluded, we assist our clients to prepare for the final deed,

which is usually signed two months after the preliminary contract.