French & Cross-Border Law Solicitors

French & Cross-Border Law Solicitors

Trousset Fawcett are leading cross-border and French law solicitors based in the heart of London. We offer a range of legal services relating to French property, French inheritance tax, French capital gains tax, French wealth tax and more.

French Law Solicitors

As solicitors specialising in French law, we offer practical and accessible advice that is focused on meeting our clients’ needs. Our services include: 

  • French Property Law – Including buying, selling, mortgaging, gifting or transferring residential property. We protect our clients’ interests and work closely with the French notaire who usually acts for the buyer, seller and mortgage company in any one transaction. Trousset Fawcett advise regarding different forms of ownership, French tax implications and estate planning and make sure that our clients’ instructions are recorded in the relevant contractual documentation.
  • French Wealth Tax (Impôt sur la Fortune Immobilière, I.F.I)  Trousset Fawcett will take on various roles relating to French wealth tax including assessing whether it is payable and, if so, when it is due, calculating the amount due, instructing specialist French avocats and communicating with the French tax authorities if necessary. 
  • French Inheritance Tax (Droits de Succession) - When winding up estates including French assets, we will assess whether French inheritance tax is payable by any beneficiaries and, if so, when. We will also calculate the amount due and will obtain the official certificate confirming either payment or that no tax is payable (certificate d’exigibilité ou de non exigibilité des droits).
  • French Capital Gains Tax (Plus Values).  Any transfer of ownership of property (residential property or shares) in France may give rise to a capital gains tax. The French notaire is responsible for calculating, filing the return and paying any amount due. Trousset Fawcett will optimise your position by assessing whether further allowances may be claimed to reduce your exposure and will advise regarding associated costs, such as appointing a tax warrantor. We also assist if a further claim must be made to recoup any capital gains tax paid. 

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Trousset Fawcett French law solicitors also offer tailored and practical advice relating to several other areas of French and cross-border law. This includes progressing the administration of estates following death where French assets are concerned. To hear more about our areas of expertise and what we can offer you, please contact us using or call +44(0)203 77322778.  

Please note that Trousset Fawcett do not draft English and Welsh wills or codicils. We also do not obtain probate in England and Wales or advise on any UK tax laws. Additionally, we cannot advise regarding French immigration law and conveyancing in England and Wales.

Your Contact

Nathalie Trousset is a well-known and highly-regarded qualified French notaire and public notary based in London, providing specialist French notarial services for clients across England and Wales.

Nathalie is also a solicitor of England and Wales and a French avocat at the Paris Bar providing specialist legal advice regarding French property matters.

Because of our professionalism, experience, and nationality, we have excellent working relationships with notaires all over France. Our clients come to us through a variety of channels, including word of mouth, referrals from French notaires, estate agents, solicitors, banks, and current and former clients.

We also provide an apostille certificate service, as well as notarising French powers of attorney. Please e-mail us at or call +44 (0)203 773 22778 to learn more about our areas of expertise and what we can offer you.

Nathalie Trousset

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For French legal advice by a French solicitor or notary public service, contact Trousset Fawcett. We offer a truly specialist legal service for clients based in England and Wales. Enquire with us today.