French Inheritance Law Solicitors

French Inheritance Law Solicitors

French inheritance tax may be payable on death by a beneficiary who receives French assets whether immovable, such as a villa or chalet, or movable assets, such as shares or funds in a French bank account. French inheritance tax is known as droits de succession. 

Beneficiaries are taxed separately based on the market value of the asset at the time of the death of the deceased. The rate of tax varies according to the beneficiary’s relationship with the deceased (for example, spouse, civil partner, sibling, nephew, niece etc).  The rates range from 5% up to 45% for family members in the direct bloodline, and a punitive rate of 60% for non-blood related beneficiaries. There is also a nil rate band allowance, the amount of which depends on the beneficiary’s relationship with the deceased.

Lifetime gifts are subject to a different tax regime, known as droits de donation.

Trousset Fawcett are leading cross border and French inheritance law solicitors based in the heart of London, UK. We offer specialist services relating to French inheritance tax. To discover more about our French inheritance tax solicitor service, please see below.

French Inheritance Tax Solicitors

As expert French inheritance law solicitors, the services we provide are extensive and can cover your tax journey from beginning to end, which may involve: 

  • Assessing whether inheritance tax is payable by any beneficiaries and when
  • Calculating the amount due
  • Obtaining an official certificate that confirms that payment has been made (certificate d’exigibilité)
  • Obtaining an official certificate that confirms that no tax is payable (non exigibilité des droits)

Executors or solicitors who are winding up estates often instruct us to implement testamentary provision regarding French assets. Part of our expertise is to assess promptly whether French inheritance tax is payable in order to avoid penalties and interest for late payment.

We do not advise on matters relating to the UK’s inheritance tax laws. 

If you are looking for French legal services, we also advise on French property law, French wealth tax and French capital gains tax. To hear more about our areas of expertise and what we can offer you, please contact us using or call on +44 (0)203 773 22778.

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Nathalie Trousset is a well-known and highly-regarded qualified French notaire and public notary based in London, providing specialist French notarial services for clients across England and Wales.

Nathalie is also a solicitor of England and Wales and a French avocat at the Paris Bar providing specialist legal advice regarding French property matters.

Because of our professionalism, experience, and nationality, we have excellent working relationships with notaires all over France. Our clients come to us through a variety of channels, including word of mouth, referrals from French notaires, estate agents, solicitors, banks, and current and former clients.

We also provide an apostille certificate service, as well as notarising French powers of attorney. Please e-mail us at or call +44 (0)203 773 22778 to learn more about our areas of expertise and what we can offer you.

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