French Property Solicitors

French Property Solicitors

Trousset Fawcett are specialist French property solicitors for individuals based in England and Wales dealing with French property. This may include buying, selling, transferring on death or divorce, or gifting to relatives. We project manage transactions facilitating their completion whilst protecting our clients’ interests.

Our clientele is long-established and we provide them with ongoing advice and assistance regarding French legal issues concerning their ownership of French property. Our service is tailored to the specific needs of our clients and is provided in a professional, focused and highly confidential manner. 

Our successful French property solicitor service in the UK has spanned over decades, and we have a wealth of knowledge and experience relating to French property law. To discover more, please see below.

French Property Solicitors UK

As French property solicitors, we specialise in several areas, including:

  • French property purchase or sale - We represent and advise our clients based in the UK and find tailor-made solutions, helping to solve what might otherwise be complicated and intractable local problems. We review the French preliminary contract including the various searches, advise regarding different forms of ownership (SCI or tontine provision etc) and peruse the final deed. 
  • French taxes (capital gains tax, wealth tax or inheritance tax) arising from the ownership of property – We explain, assess and assist our clients regarding their liability to French taxes.
  • Forced heirship - We inform clients about French heirship provisions and how to mitigate the French legal reserve. This might be required in order to, for example, protect the interest of a surviving spouse. We also advise on how changes in family circumstances might impact the forced heirship provision law.
  • Transfers of French property upon death - We work closely with executors and solicitors winding up English and Welsh estates including French property. Additionally, we advise regarding liability to French inheritance tax and when tax is payable in France.
  • Transfers of French property upon divorce - We work closely with solicitors to implement financial settlements where French assets are involved.
  • Election of law in a testamentary provision. We explain the procedure for, and the relevance of, making an election of law in a testamentary provision. Please note that we do not draft English and Welsh wills.

Our experienced and well-respected French property solicitors are second to none. If you have any questions about our French property services, please contact us either using or call +44 (0)207 734 7282.

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Nathalie Trousset is a well-known and highly-regarded qualified French notaire and public notary based in London, providing specialist French notarial services for clients across England and Wales.

Nathalie is also a solicitor of England and Wales and a French avocat at the Paris Bar providing specialist legal advice regarding French property matters.

Because of our professionalism, experience, and nationality, we have excellent working relationships with notaires all over France. Our clients come to us through a variety of channels, including word of mouth, referrals from French notaires, estate agents, solicitors, banks, and current and former clients.

We also provide an apostille certificate service, as well as notarising French powers of attorney. Please e-mail us at or call +44 (0)203 773 22778 to learn more about our areas of expertise and what we can offer you.

Nathalie Trousset

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For French legal advice by a French solicitor or notary public service, contact Trousset Fawcett. We offer a truly specialist legal service for clients based in England and Wales. Enquire with us today.