Notary fees

Notary fees

To enable us to provide you with a quote, we will normally ask you or the French notaire to send us a word format copy of the final version of the French document. For simple matters, we will endeavour to charge a fixed fee including disbursements such as legalization fees, consular agent fees and courier fees.

For more complicated or time-consuming matters, the fee will be based on the hourly rate of Mrs Trousset of £420 plus VAT, subject to a minimum fee of £325 plus VAT, plus disbursements. The fee charged may include preparation time, communication with the French notaire and arranging the legalisation of the document.

We will normally also charge a standard fee for the time spent carrying out an obligatory sanctions risk assessment to determine whether our client or close family members or associates are sanctioned individuals (persons subject to the UK, EU or USA sanctions regime). The usual fee is £40 plus VAT for our client and £20 plus VAT thereafter for any additional individuals connected with the matter (for example, a close family member such as spouse or children).

Payment can be made to Trousset Fawcett Ltd by bank transfer and is due on presentation of our invoice. If the document has been prepared and Trousset Fawcett has not received full payment of fees and disbursements, Trousset Fawcett may retain the document pending payment in full.

For further information regarding our notary charges, expenses and services involved please see our notary terms of business.

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January 2023